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Martin Poole

Accredited Press & Media Photographer

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017

Hair Expo Sydney 2017

Beauty Expo Sydney 2017


With a lifelong passion for photography that was rekindled after working in the theatres of London over 20 years ago, I learned to appreciate the importance of light. Light creates atmosphere, accentuates beauty and enhances any subject.

Every photographer captures moments in time, but if I can draw the person I’m photographing into the camera, and establish a connection that ends up making it into the final print, then I’ve not only captured a moment but also created the beginnings of an idea. Then it’s simply up to the viewer and their imagination as to what that story may be and boundaries are broken.

Concentrating on creating bespoke awe-inspiring images that are tailor made for my client’s, simply no two images are alike.  I work closely with my client and stylists to help plan the final look, hair, makeup and style that will be translated into a final image that truly captures the essence of their story or product.

But it goes beyond that, I want to connect the person or product I’m photographing to the people who will eventually see the photograph.  Drawing the viewer into the image and really hold them there for a moment.  If I can do that, then I’ve made a step towards succeeding with the ideals behind my photography.

When forming a connection with the people I photograph, I look to use light to capture their mood and highlight the traits that make them unique.  This enables me to deliver images with impact, ensuring they stand out from the ordinary.

I have turned my years of experience, knowledge and genuine passion for photography and theatre into a business, which cultivates my talents for a significant use. I get great joy out of helping everyday people, aspiring models and independent up and coming brands showcase all they have to offer in the best way possible.

So if you would like to discuss how my creative approach might work for you, please contact me today for a free consultation and lets turn your ideas into a reality.

Martin Poole

Speedlite Photography

Website: https://www.speedlite.com.au/ | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/speedlitephoto/ | Instagram @speedlitephoto.

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